Big Curly Hair Routine

IMG_4057 (1)Hello again! Its been such a long time since I have made a curly hair routine, I figured it was time for a new one! I co-washed my hair with Shea Moisture: Restorative Conditioner, then I deep conditioned with Shea Moisture: Strengthen Grow & Restore Treatment Masque for about an hour.

The rest of the steps I took are pretty standard I initially split my hair down the middle then sectioned each half into two more sections. I then began with my new found favorite deep conditioner Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner. Once I applied that all over my hair (focusing on frizz prone areas), I applied coconut oil all over my hair. When using oils you want to make sure you do not add too much, this can weigh your curls down and cause them to not be as bouncy. The cream I am using right now is TGIN: Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer, this cream does a great job of giving my curls a nice hold as well as ensuring they stay moisturized and full of life. At this point in my routine I am pretty much done, but since it is so humid in NC I usually have to add a gel during the summer time. The gel I have been using is Eco Styler Gel. I scrunch it through out my hair just to add a little hold but not enough to make my curls crunchy and hard (which no one enjoys.)

I hope this helps all my curlies in need! What are some of your fav hair products?  I love trying out new things!

Keep Defining Yourself,


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