Braid-out Tutorial for Natural Hair

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Hello again beauties! Since dying my hair I have been experiencing some changes. My wash and go’s haven’t been lasting as long and I’ve been looking for good alternatives to restyling it every three days or so. I have found an answer! Doing braid-out’s on old wash and go’s helps because they are super easy and give you another 3-4 days of wear, which is awesome!

Starting out I sectioned my hair into six sections. Two in the front and four in the back (two on top and two on the bottom half of my head). I did the same process with each section. I applied coconut oil to help moisturized and makScreen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.10.54 PMe detangling easier. Then i detangled my hair starting from the ends and working my way up to the root to avoid unnecessary breakage. After that I applied my TGIN: Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer all over the section to also help moisturize and give the hair hold. Lastly I applied a small amount of Eco Styler Gel to help fight humidity and to keep my curls long lasting.
Once I finished applying all the products I braided the section. I repeated all these steps for each section. The next morning I unraveled the braids, picked my hair out just a bit and I was out the door! For a more in-depth view of how I did this watch the video below!

Send me your results, I love seeing them! What’s something you do to your hair when your wash and go starts to get too frizzy?!

As always, Keep Defining Yourself,


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