Getting Motivated 101: 5 Ways to Start Making your Dreams Become your Reality

img_4585As some of you know, I graduated from college back in May and felt like I could take on the world. More recently though, it has been extremely difficult to focus on my dreams. It seems I have gotten too comfortable with the position I’m in now. I have been working on finding someways to motivate myself to get back on track.  Here’s how I managed to get on track with the things I want.

Start your Day off with Positivity

Wake up in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, go to the gym, read a book, or just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Do something that will help start your day on the right foot. I’m a morning person so I do much better work when I do it in the morning. I find that when I wake up relatively early and eat a hardy meal my day is 10x better. It also helps to motivate me to get things done for the remainder of the day. I would recommend starting your day off doing something you enjoy so that you have prepared yourself to get work done.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Writing down your goals will help you hold yourself accountable. I personally am a “planner”. I literally plan out everything I do and when I don’t plan, things don’t go as they should. I recommend to anyone struggling with getting motivated to simply write down what you want for yourself. Jot down short-term and long-term goals and leave them somewhere that is convenient and visible. This way you can always refer to them and  keep track of your progress.

Make a Schedule for Yourself

Just to add to the planning aspect, making a schedule for yourself allows you to see how much free time you actually have. Here’s what my schedule looked like during my last few weeks of college. I felt like I was constantly under pressure to get things done. Once I started putting everything onto a calendar I could see that in some cases I was over analyzing the situation and I actually had plenty of time to complete it. All you have to do is set times for yourself to work on whatever you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.



Networking will always be a key to success. For the introverts like myself I know it seems intimidating but it’s well worth the work. Talking to successful people always makes me want to work harder to get where they are and even surpass them in some cases. I would suggest talking to people you work with and going to events at your school or in your city. This will help you meet people that could potentially teach you so much.

Take Time to Relax

You deserve it. You work hard everyday and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give yourself a break once in awhile. It works best for me when I, in a way, schedule my relaxing days. This way I know I’ll complete everything that needs to get done prior to that time/day so that I can truly enjoy my time off and not worry about what’s coming next.

At the end of the day, motivation comes from within. If you really truly want to accomplish your goals you’re going to have to work hard. These are just some helpful things I’ve found that get me motivated when I’m feeling too content with my current situation. Success is the only option you kinda have to “just do it.”

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