Travel Essentials that Fit Everyone’s Budget

Hi Beauties,

Traveling can be so much fun and adventurous but, it doesn’t always fit everyone’s budget. For me, whenever I travel I always pack the minimum (usually just a carry on.) I’ve also noticed that doing things that bring you closer to the culture of where ever you are is not always expensive and it’s a ton more fun than a lot of the cliche things you see others do.  So that will save you some money and build some character.

I always try to pack at least one pair of tennis shoes and at least one pair of cute shoes ( one pair of heels if I have room for multiple pairs and one pair of comfy, cute flats).

As far as purses, I typically bring a cross body satchel that’s in a color that will pretty much match with anything (pictured above). This way I’m not lugging around a huge bag all day but still have enough room for my phone, camera, and money. 

You can also NEVER forget about sun glasses. I try to always bring one pair of cheap yet adorable ones. This way if I lose/break them it won’t be as heart breaking.  

When it comes to outfits I plan out what I will wear each day I’m away. This way I avoid packing my entire closet. I’ve found that if you roll your outfit together it gives you more space in your bag.  I also always pack a pair of leggings/yoga pants just in case I get lazy one day as well as a cardigan or jacket in case it gets cold. 

Above is pretty much all I packed for the trip I am on now minus what I am wearing today. I’d say I did a pretty good job for this short trip. 

As for bath/beauty products I try to stick to the things that are essential i.e. Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, daily makeup, etc. 

Most of the time when I travel I like to put my hair into a protective style, like twists. This way I will not have to worry about bringing a ton of hair products, and I can just get up and go. 

What are some of your travel essentials? What could you not leave home without!?

I’d love to know in the comments below. For me I’d have to say I couldn’t leave without my camera! 

Until next time, 

Keep defining yourself, 

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